Testicular pain made worse after seeing Dr. Karan Singh

You know how they say most accidents happen at home? A few weeks ago my son was jumping on the bed, and mistakenly landed on my groin area. Ouch. I mean, I’m a guy, so it’s not like I haven’t had “accidents” in that area before. But this time the pain lingered for a little longer than I expected, and it isolated to the right side.

Being health-conscious, I went to see my doctor, which has ultimately referred me to a urologist after a failed attempt to cure me with an antibiotic (I generally have very little faith in the “primary care doctor” model – more on that in a separate post). And so I went to see Dr. Karan Singh, a urologist in Mission Viejo, part of the “Orange County Urology Associates” group. After waiting over an hour to see Dr. Singh, he “examined” my testicles by squeezing them quite painfully. It was so painful that when he was done, I was bending over with my hands over my groin area.

I was hoping the pain is just transient, but I could barely drive myself back home. I now had pain in my left testicle – whereas I previously had zero pain there. When I got back, I jumped into the shower and wept from pain. That night I also couldn’t sleep. I was in shock that something like this could happen. When I called their office and asked to see another doctor, the best answer they could give me was to go to the ER.

Dr. Singh claims that I have sensitivity because of theĀ epididymitis which has “spread” to the left testicle (all of a sudden and coincidentally after his exam…?). 2nd and 3rd opinions from other urologists disagreed with his diagnosis. Unfortunately he hadn’t even bothered to look at the ultrasound images I sent him prior to the appointment and dismissed it when asked.

Now, several days later, I’m still in awful pain in my left testicle which I’m taking prescription-strength medication for. Had I never went to see Dr. Karan Singh I may have been better off today.

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